Powered by Wisdom Works, Be Well Lead Well® offers state-of-the-art resources for building brands, workplaces and leadership capabilities that advance human thriving.

"Be Well Lead Well® will help you develop soft and hard skills to lead yourself and your teams into a new paradigm of leadership and vitality. This will transform how you view your own potential—in your health and career."

Richard Kim, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine

“The time for putting wellbeing into practice is now. Wisdom Works helped me unpack the depth of science behind wellbeing to uncover new ways of leading a wellbeing culture for our company, inside and out.”

Dondeena BradleyGlobal Vice President, Nutrition & Wellbeing, Barilla

“This is the first time in nearly two decades of working in this industry that I’ve witnessed a truly holistic, integrative approach to enlightened leadership and wellbeing. Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is not your standard executive health or leadership development program. Instead, it takes the best of science – physical, intellectual, and emotional – and offers true, transformational change from the inside out, led by some of the best available talent in the world.”

Mia KyricosPresident and CEO, Kyricos & Associates, LLC

"Wisdom Works has the unique combination of both the science of wellbeing and how to integrate into who we are as leaders. This is not just about good health but creating a healthy and thriving organization to win in the market.”

Bill TompkinsSenior Vice President, Macy’s Inc.

"Wellbeing is critical to the sustainability of our company, as well as the personal lives of our employees. To inspire a culture of wellbeing in our business unit, we turned to Be Well Lead Well® and the team at Wisdom Works for assistance. Their work clearly helped us bridge the gap between wellbeing, effective leadership, and meaningful success."

Jia GayGroup Human Resources Director, Middle East & North Africa, The Coca-Cola Company

"A great program and tool to help leaders prioritize their wellbeing in service of themselves and the teams they lead. Honored to be part of this wonderful community who will make such a difference."

Jackie Alcalde Marr, MHROD, PCC, CPCCFounder, Evolutions Consulting Group


Is provide state-of-the-art programs, transformative leadership development, and science-backed wellbeing expertise to empower leaders to make thriving a game-changer for their brands and organizations, as well as themselves.

In an often stress-filled world, aspiring and accomplished leaders alike can grow their positive impact using Be Well Lead Well®.


A global movement of leaders passionate about making thriving a priority at work, at home, and in all walks of society.

We’re fueled by Wisdom Works, a firm embraced by Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial innovators alike to build their capacity for wellbeing leadership.

Wisdom Works launched in 1999 on the belief that real leadership, power, and wisdom springs from the vitality of the leaders themselves.




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Breathing As Fuel: Tapping into Breath for Leader Wellbeing & Development

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For a beneficial change in your state of being, few tools are as powerful as the breath. That’s why Breathing as Fuel is one of 19 psychometrics we measure in the pioneering wellbeing leadership assessment, Be Well Lead Well Pulse®. As someone committed to developing healthier, more effective, and sustainable leadership in organizations and communities, you can learn how to help leaders positively cope with stress, manage their energy, and optimize their performance through intentional breath control. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! Experiment with this simple 8-minute practice, Counting Your Breath, and notice the effects it has on your body, mind, and emotions.   LEADERS ARE NOTORIOUSLY LOW IN USING THE POWER OF THEIR BREATH As measured by Be Well Lead Well Pulse®, leaders worldwide score particularly low when asked about the extent to which they use their breath to make positive shifts in their state of being. Possible reasons why? They simply may not be aware that a focus on breathing could strengthen their leadership effectiveness. A breath practice isn’t part of their cultural conditioning at work or at home. Breathwork is often so simple that it can feel boring and easy to discount. It can be confronting to experience…

The Stress Factor: How Some Leaders Turn Stress into Thriving

| Leading Wellbeing, News and Events, Wellbeing for Your Organization, Wellbeing Leader | No Comments

Wisdom Works strengthens leaders, brands, and work cultures through the cultivation of wellbeing. In fact, using our holistic wellbeing leadership assessment system Be Well Lead Well Pulse® with 425+ leaders across multiple continents, we recently found that leaders reporting High wellbeing are 38% more likely to report engaging in paradoxical leadership behavior than leaders who score Low in wellbeing. This means thriving leaders are apt to abandon right/wrong or either/or thinking in favor of both/and approaches that utilize conflicting perspectives as an impetus for greater innovation, inclusiveness, learning, and growth. As outlined in our Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, Effectively Leading Through Paradox: A Pivotal Role for Wellbeing, wellbeing is a vital resource for every leader navigating complex and changing environments, at work and at home, where solutions are never clear or simple, but full of contradictory demands. Stress Plays a Fascinating Role We also found an intriguing role for stress with these leaders. For those leaders who scored Low in paradoxical leadership, wellbeing decreased as stress increased. On the other hand, those leaders scoring High in paradoxical leadership did not experience this adverse relationship. They reported greater overall wellbeing with increasing levels of stress. By adopting a…

LEARN to be a Wellbeing Leader

| Leading Wellbeing, Wellbeing for You, Wellbeing for Your Organization, Wellbeing Leader, Wellness Moonshot | No Comments

We humans have a superpower at our disposal: Our magnificent ability to learn. In the simplest terms, learning means embodying a new capacity to think and act. Consider, for example, that you want to eat a plant-forward diet to enhance your physical health and the health of the planet, like a third of the world’s population currently does. A good start may be to understand that consuming less meat decreases the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, as well as other lifestyle diseases and climate impacts. However, knowledge alone won’t get you to your wellness goals. You’ll have to change your behavior from what it is today to what you want it to be. Learning can transform new behaviors into authentic wellness lifestyles and connections into supportive wellness communities. When it comes to wellbeing leadership, a great question to ask is: How can I help myself and others learn?  Some habits serve our wellbeing. Some habits erode it. Fortunately, you aren’t a fixed human being, reduced to your habits. You are a human becoming with a built-in capacity to learn. Your brain possesses neuroplasticity by design. It is adaptable and responsive to your inner and outer worlds with a structure and function that can evolve. The latest studies show…

Discover how to #thrive - not only survive - in vo Discover how to #thrive - not only survive - in volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

Early Bird Registration for the next Be Well Lead Well Pulse® certification ends this month - save your spot today. Link in bio. 

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Either/or thinkers are less likely to adapt to con Either/or thinkers are less likely to adapt to constant change that the workplace currently demands. 

In the inaugural Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, Effectively Leading Through Paradox, we share the pivotal role a leader’s wellbeing plays in helping them navigate paradoxes with both/and thinking, an orientation which recognizes that conflicting perspectives are an impetus for innovation, learning, and growth.

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Your resolution for 2022: Learn to use #wellbeing Your resolution for 2022: Learn to use #wellbeing for leadership transformation. ⠀
Join a cohort of business leaders, managers, and coaches this April for the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® certification. More info via link in our profile. ⠀
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"In today's COVID environment, thriving is acutely "In today's COVID environment, thriving is acutely important. Learning about and understanding thriving on a personal level is essential to wellbeing."—Michael Beste, Let Wellness Be Your Guide, Marketing Director⠀
Join leaders like Michael who are prioritizing and accelerating their leadership effectiveness with Be Well Lead Well Pulse®. Registration is now open for our April program. ⠀
#BeWellLeadWell #Thriving #WellbeingLeadership #ConsciousLeadership #ReadytoThrive #wellbeing #workplacewellbeing #employeengagement #innovation #growth #learning #leadershipdevelopment #VUCA #stressmanagement
"“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask "“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that! Because what the world needs is more of us—all of us—to come alive.”—Civil rights leader, Howard Thurman⠀
For us, making thriving the new standard for leadership is what makes us come alive (and we think the world needs it too 😊). What makes you come alive? ⠀
#BeWellLeadWell #Thriving #WellbeingLeadership #ConsciousLeadership #ReadytoThrive #wellbeing #workplacewellbeing #employeengagement #innovation #growth #learning #leadershipdevelopment #newyear #inspiration #motivation #advocacy

The Wisdom Works team believes wealth and wellbeing are partners, not adversaries. Giving back is an integral part of the Be Well Lead Well® engine. 1% of Be Well Lead Well® Women proceeds go to Capital Sisters International to support microloans to women in developing nations who are denied access to traditional financial services. Learn more.

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