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Find the empowering tools global-ready leaders USE to thrive and build a culture of thriving INSIDE AND OUTSIDE your organization.



A global movement of leaders passionate about making thriving a priority at work, at home, and in all walks of society.

We’re fueled by Wisdom Works, a firm embraced by Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial innovators alike to build their capacity for wellbeing leadership.

Wisdom Works launched in 1999 on the belief that real leadership, power, and wisdom springs from the vitality of the leaders themselves.



Is provide state-of-the-art programs, transformative leadership development, and science-backed wellbeing expertise to empower leaders to make thriving a game-changer for their brands and organizations, as well as themselves.

In an often stress-filled world, aspiring and accomplished leaders alike can grow their positive impact using Be Well Lead Well®.



https://www.bewellleadwell.com/certification/ #Ex https://www.bewellleadwell.com/certification/

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The next frontier for #thriving at work? Designing The next frontier for #thriving at work? Designing work and work cultures that prioritize #wellbeing. Help #leaders make this shift when you get certified in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system. Register now:


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Get certified in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® ass Get certified in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment to cultivate #awareness, #energy, and #resilience in #leaders and teams, as well as yourself.

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Under so much #stress, it’s easy to get into a n Under so much #stress, it’s easy to get into a negative spin. How do we act out of #wellbeing? When you get certified in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment, you learn  macro- and micro-practices that empower you to thrive—practices you can also use to #coach others and build #resilient teams. 


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Get certified in the science-based assessment, Be Get certified in the science-based assessment, Be Well Lead Well Pulse® to help leaders cultivate wellbeing in their teams and organizations, starting with themselves. Info about upcoming certification programs here:


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"Wisdom Works has the unique combination of both the science of wellbeing and how to integrate into who we are as leaders. This is not just about good health but creating a healthy and thriving organization to win in the market.”

Bill TompkinsSenior Vice President, Macy’s Inc.

“This is the first time in nearly two decades of working in this industry that I’ve witnessed a truly holistic, integrative approach to enlightened leadership and wellbeing. Be Well Lead Well® Women is not your standard executive health or leadership development program. Instead, it takes the best of science – physical, intellectual, and emotional – and offers true, transformational change from the inside out, led by some of the best available talent in the world.”

Mia KyricosPresident and CEO, Kyricos & Associates, LLC

"Be Well Lead Well® will help you develop soft and hard skills to lead yourself and your teams into a new paradigm of leadership and vitality. This will transform how you view your own potential—in your health and career."

Richard Kim, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine

"Renee Moorefield is that rare combination of passion, intelligence and experience. Her 'true north' has always been her determination to help leaders embrace and embody wellbeing in every aspect of their lives.”

Susie EllisChairman & CEO, Global Wellness Institute

"Renee Moorefield and Wisdom Works are uniquely and capably positioned to elevate the power of leaders through the practices of thriving."

Sally RothsteinRegional Manager, Project Angel Heart & Co-Director, Pikes Peak Threshold Singers

"Our Middle East and North Africa Business Unit has been described as a high-performance team. Working with Wisdom Works, we participated in the Be Well Lead Well® initiative. It was nice to catch our breath and focus on what was really important...our wellbeing."

Curt FergusonPresident, The Coca-Cola Company

"What is health and wellbeing for you and how can you use it to not just improve your life, but the lives of people and organisations you touch every day? What if you and the world you inhabit was a happier, healthier, better place? What would this be worth? What would you be willing to do to awaken your capability to achieve it? I have had the privilege of working with Renee Moorefield since 1997 — she has dedicated everything to finding paths for us to discover our journey in answering these questions.”

Dianne CulhaneRetired corporate executive and Vice-Chair, Board of Governors, School of Business, College of Charleston

"We value our partnership with Wisdom Works beyond words. Renee and her team bring passion, insights, creative approaches and an engaging spirit to help us inspire and equip an extraordinary network of leaders and influencers to transform our industry."

Dana Blalock HughesDirector, People Transformation, Cox Automotive University

The Wisdom Works team believes wealth and wellbeing are partners, not adversaries. Giving back is an integral part of the Be Well Lead Well® engine. 1% of Be Well Lead Well® Women proceeds go to Capital Sisters International to support microloans to women in developing nations who are denied access to traditional financial services. Learn more.

Capital Sisters International

Latest News and Articles

Structuring an Effective Wellbeing Framework During a Pandemic

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In the recent article in Financier World, Renee (founder and CEO of Wisdom Works) gives her thoughts on COVID-19 and the employee experience  She discusses how the business and world environment are not going to become less disruptive after this pandemic. If anything, this crisis has taught us that disruption is the norm. To access the whole article, click here.  

Join Renee as She Speaks to ICF Colorado on Oct 8th

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Renee will lead an International Coaching Federation – Colorado Virtual Program entitled: In Our Age of Anxiety, What Does It Mean to Lead from Wellbeing? October 8, 2020 6:30-8:30pm MT (6:30 – 7:00pm: Social Chat Time; 7:00 – 8:30pm: Program) For more information click here.  

What Does MOVE Have to do With Wellbeing Leadership?

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In a year where uncertainty and heightened anxiety have become the norm, the question is: What intentions are driving the moves you make? In the October Wellness Moonshot™, curated and developed by Renee Moorefield for the Global Wellness Institute, the topic is “Move.” Are your intentions a reaction to stress or current events or a thoughtful approach to a challenge?  To let wellbeing guide your journey of wellness leadership, it is essential to become more aware of your own motivations. Read it here: October Wellness Moonshot :: Move Renee Moorefield is the founder and CEO of Wisdom Works. She is on the board of the Global Wellness Institute, chairs the Wellness at Work Initiative, and helps guide the Wellness Moonshot™, a global call to action to create a world free of preventable disease. Her monthly columns can be read here.