Powered by Wisdom Works, Be Well Lead Well® offers state-of-the-art resources for building brands, workplaces and leadership capabilities that advance human thriving.

"Be Well Lead Well® will help you develop soft and hard skills to lead yourself and your teams into a new paradigm of leadership and vitality. This will transform how you view your own potential—in your health and career."

Richard Kim, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine

“The time for putting wellbeing into practice is now. Wisdom Works helped me unpack the depth of science behind wellbeing to uncover new ways of leading a wellbeing culture for our company, inside and out.”

Dondeena BradleyGlobal Vice President, Nutrition & Wellbeing, Barilla

“This is the first time in nearly two decades of working in this industry that I’ve witnessed a truly holistic, integrative approach to enlightened leadership and wellbeing. Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is not your standard executive health or leadership development program. Instead, it takes the best of science – physical, intellectual, and emotional – and offers true, transformational change from the inside out, led by some of the best available talent in the world.”

Mia KyricosPresident and CEO, Kyricos & Associates, LLC

"Wisdom Works has the unique combination of both the science of wellbeing and how to integrate into who we are as leaders. This is not just about good health but creating a healthy and thriving organization to win in the market.”

Bill TompkinsSenior Vice President, Macy’s Inc.

"Wellbeing is critical to the sustainability of our company, as well as the personal lives of our employees. To inspire a culture of wellbeing in our business unit, we turned to Be Well Lead Well® and the team at Wisdom Works for assistance. Their work clearly helped us bridge the gap between wellbeing, effective leadership, and meaningful success."

Jia GayGroup Human Resources Director, Middle East & North Africa, The Coca-Cola Company

"A great program and tool to help leaders prioritize their wellbeing in service of themselves and the teams they lead. Honored to be part of this wonderful community who will make such a difference."

Jackie Alcalde Marr, MHROD, PCC, CPCCFounder, Evolutions Consulting Group


Is provide state-of-the-art programs, transformative leadership development, and science-backed wellbeing expertise to empower leaders to make thriving a game-changer for their brands and organizations, as well as themselves.

In an often stress-filled world, aspiring and accomplished leaders alike can grow their positive impact using Be Well Lead Well®.


A global movement of leaders passionate about making thriving a priority at work, at home, and in all walks of society.

We’re fueled by Wisdom Works, a firm embraced by Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial innovators alike to build their capacity for wellbeing leadership.

Wisdom Works launched in 1999 on the belief that real leadership, power, and wisdom springs from the vitality of the leaders themselves.




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Beyond Engagement: The Time Has Come For Us To Thrive

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We need a new standard of thriving to guide our organizations—where “engaged and thriving” is the norm. When pressed, I think most leaders would say that people who are engaged at work produce better outcomes than people who aren’t engaged. Yet, the Gallup organization, canvassing a staggering 160 million employees worldwide, found that if employees are engaged at work, but not thriving in their lives, the organization is likely struggling. Employees who are “engaged but not thriving” show considerably more stress, worry, and burnout than employees who are both engaged and thriving. The organization bears a productivity and financial loss too; employees who aren’t thriving report greater absenteeism, health challenges, and disease due to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, heart attack, and diabetes. I wasn’t surprised at these recent Gallup findings. For over 30 years, my teams have been guiding leaders to prioritize ‘thriving’ in their work cultures and brands, as well as in how they lead people, tasks, initiatives, and teams. Early on, we realized leaders who are perpetually overextended, tense, or depleted, are more apt to lack the stamina, clear-headedness, emotional balance, and world-centric acumen to bring about the best decisions from others or themselves. They cannot draw from the reserves…

Wisdom Works Launches Research Division Based on Growing Body of Insights from Close to 1000 Assessments of Leaders Globally

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Inaugural Report Identifies Important Relationship Between Wellbeing & Paradoxical Leadership Now Required for a Post-Covid World Colorado Springs, Colorado – July 6, 2021: Wisdom Works Group releases inaugural Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, Effectively Leading Through Paradox, as part of a new research division to showcase insights gleaned from the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessments of close to 1000 leaders from around the world. The timely report underscores the fact that leaders today must guide organizations through an unprecedented degree of uncertainty, complexity, and change in our globally connected world. This inevitably means leading in environments full of contradictory demands, or paradoxes, where solutions are never clear or simple. The report showcases the pivotal relationship between leaders’ wellbeing and how they navigate paradoxes with “both/and thinking”, an orientation which recognizes that conflicting perspectives can be an impetus for innovation, learning, and growth for people and organizations alike. The research revealed that leaders who score high in wellbeing are 38% more likely to report engaging in paradoxical leadership behavior than leaders who score low in wellbeing. This suggests that leaders who experience high levels of wellbeing may be better equipped to draw on both/and thinking to handle the…

Relaxation as an Effective Leadership + Wellbeing Tool

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As the world continues to face the ripple effects of the pandemic, we know many areas of people’s lives and work have taken a wellness hit. Global employment has gone backward, more children worldwide have fallen below the minimum reading level, face masks (a necessary measure of precaution during COVID-19) have become a new wave of litter harming the environment, and our mental health has collectively suffered. Relaxing is an effective wellbeing leadership tool This past year may also have left you experiencing a free-floating unease you can’t seem to shake, a sense of languishing without a clear purpose or aim, or the feeling that you’ve hit the pandemic wall. You may appear calm on the surface, yet like a duck swimming in a pond, find your feet paddling as fast as they can to respond to the wellness challenges of others. In your efforts to juggle so many demands in life and work, you may even be physiologically living in an always-on beta brainwave pattern and a fight-flight-freeze-fawn system of reaction, reinforcing a state of high alarm that has become your new normal. So, it’s possible—indeed, probable—you’ve forgotten that relaxation is one of your most effective wellness and leadership tools. Intentionally shifting into relaxation awakens the parasympathetic nervous system; counters the drawbacks of overplayed stress…

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you n “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson  #MondayMotivation⠀
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What does #wellbeing have to do with effective lea What does #wellbeing have to do with effective leadership?⠀
In the Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, Effectively Leading Through Paradox, we share the pivotal role a leader’s wellbeing plays in helping them navigate the paradoxes inherent in this VUCA world with both/and thinking, an orientation which recognizes that conflicting perspectives are an impetus for innovation, learning, and growth. Download your copy via the link in our profile. ⠀
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Cultivate #wellbeing within your organization with Cultivate #wellbeing within your organization with Be Well Lead Well Pulse® - the pioneering assessment system that combines the latest research about human thriving with three decades of experience developing leaders worldwide. Learn more via the link in our profile. ⠀
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“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” —Anne Sweeney, Former Co-Chair of Disney Media⠀
We all have an inner greatness we can tap into to build the life we’re proud of. The WISDOM dimension of the Be Well Lead Well Pulse Assessment measures the extent to which you tap into this inner greatness—your worthwhile purpose, inspired vision, and your innate genius for guiding yourself and others toward positive impact.⠀
Take a moment today to reconnect with your inner #wisdom—write down what success means to you and how you’ll make yourself proud.⠀
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As living systems, we are not just designed to sur As living systems, we are not just designed to survive, but to #thrive. And we can cultivate our capacity to thrive by choice, not just by chance. ⠀
Elevate your capacity to thrive—and empower others to do the same by becoming a Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified Guide. During this transformational program, you'll learn the macro- and micro-practices that empower you to thrive - practices you can use with those you lead to build resilient teams. Learn more and register via the link in our profile. ⠀
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