Why We Started Be Well Lead Well®

A wellbeing revolution is altering how we live, connect, and work. Wisdom Works helps leaders join with this revolution to build organisations and communities where people truly thrive. We deliver leadership summits and transformative retreats, culture change know-how, executive coaching, and the pioneering platform of tools and education to advance cultures of engagement, effectiveness, and wisdom through healthier leadership worldwide.

Our Partners

"Our Middle East and North Africa Business Unit has been described as a high-performance team. Working with Wisdom Works, we participated in the Be Well Lead Well® initiative. It was nice to catch our breath and focus on what was really important...our wellbeing."

Curt FergusonPresident, The Coca-Cola Company

"It’s essential for you as leader to bring your best self forward each day. Your organisation, colleagues, and most importantly, your employees will mirror your energy and self-care efforts. They will rise to the bar of vitality you’ve set."

Tammy Green, MPHCEO of Anchorage Neighborhood Health System

"Wellbeing is critical to the sustainability of our company, as well as the personal lives of our employees. To inspire a culture of wellbeing in our business unit, we turned to Be Well Lead Well® and the team at Wisdom Works for assistance. Their work clearly helped us bridge the gap between wellbeing, effective leadership, and meaningful success.”

Jia GayGroup Human Resources Director, Middle East & North Africa, The Coca-Cola Company

"More and more women are taking center stage in the world. We all have an opportunity to build on our strengths and forge a new definition of leadership. Leadership that is powerful because it enhances the wellbeing of everyone it touches. Leadership that builds capability for people, organisations and communities to thrive. What a harmonious world we could create! Be Well Lead Well® is a key to help us open that door."

Dianne Culhane Retired corporate executive and Vice-Chair, Board of Governors, School of Business, College of Charleston