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Wellbeing for the Planet

Rewiring Yourself For Better Leadership & A Healthier Life: The Power of Self-Observation, Part 1

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blog-169-pic-335742491The Downward Spiral (oh, how we’ve all been there!)

“Doesn’t your team know how to accomplish a simple task without complaining?!!” Ricardo shouted. “Don’t use that tone with me!” retorted Martine. “If you’d have only let me pull the team …

How Do You Grow Wellbeing Globally? Open The Door Of Wealth For Women, Says CEO Patricia Foley Hinnen

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HinnenIn 2004 I co-authored Driven By Wellth, a book about combining the drives for wealth and wellbeing to create healthier, more sustainable approaches to business success. To be frank, the book didn’t get much traction. Although I’d put my …