Be Well Lead Well Pulse®  Certification Program Empowers Practitioners To Provide A Whole-Person Approach To Leadership Development

This professional development program is designed uniquely for leadership coaches, facilitators, trainers, and other practitioners who seek to help leaders amplify thriving as a game-changer in their team and organizations—starting with themselves. Practitioners who complete the  Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification are exclusively qualified to apply the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system, elevating their leadership development toolkit.


Assist leaders to embrace thriving as an asset rather than
an afterthought.


Bring a whole-person approach to your work.


Be an invitation for clients to bring forward wiser decisions
fueled by wellbeing.

What is Be Well Lead Well Pulse®?
Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is a pioneering assessment system that combines the latest research about human thriving, combined with three decades of experience developing leaders worldwide. As a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®- Certified Guide, you will be licensed to administer Be Well Lead Well Pulse® with leaders you coach, strengthening their capacity to lead from a foundation of internal balance, resilience, and wellbeing, plus activate thriving wherever they lead.
Why should I be certified?
As a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guide, you will be uniquely positioned to assist leaders in embracing thriving as a leadership asset rather than an afterthought—where leaders are more open, present, connected, and well, instead of reactive, disengaged, and burnt out. This is a pivotal role for you as coach.
Simply put, thriving is no longer optional in our organizations today. In cultures of overwork and fear, the vitality of people gives way to illness and disease, enthusiasm is traded for disengagement, and effectiveness is eroded by burnout. The most precious human resource—our innate capacity to thrive—is seriously jeopardized, diminishing the power of people to live, work, innovate, collaborate, and lead. Creating a culture where thriving is highly valued is a mark of effective leadership. Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is the only instrument that provides leaders the opportunity to explore 19 factors of thriving in one setting.
Why thriving? Thriving is a natural state of human functioning, and the basis of human potential, development, and performance. When we thrive, we have an abundance of energy to unleash toward positive business and social outcomes. A thriving work culture attracts, develops, and retains people at their best. Thriving is not only about return on investment; it redefines how we work, grow, and succeed.
What will this program enable me to offer leaders I coach?
Once you become a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guide, you can bring to every leader you coach:
  • Clear insights about how thriving elevates leadership effectiveness.
  • Be Well Lead Well Pulse®, an online, holistic assessment of 133 questions allowing the leader to examine their state of thriving.
  • An 11-page individualized feedback report mapping what enables or erodes the leader’s ability to thrive in 6 categories and 19 subcategories of wellbeing and transformation.
  • A reliable method to provide a structured debrief of the leader’s feedback report.
  • A 70-page Be Well Lead Well® Interpretation Manual offering guidance, action planning tools, and close to 100 macro- and micro-practices you can use to support the leader toward greater thriving and effectiveness.

True leadership transformation requires transformation from within. As a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guide, leaders you coach will experience a whole-person approach to leadership development. Plus, you will help grow a worldwide movement of leaders who lead with greater self-awareness and attunement to thriving rather than operating on autopilot, who return to an inner core of wellbeing whenever they get overstressed or off track, and who empower thriving within organizations and communities.

What results will I notice in leaders I coach?
Depleted or disengaged leaders lack the energy, clear-headedness, emotional balance, and world-centric acumen to make the best decisions for organizations and societies. The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system opens new avenues between you and your clients for leading from a foundation of internal balance, resilience, and wellbeing. When leaders apply their personalized insights from Be Well Lead Well Pulse®, they:
  • Become more energized. The energy boost leaders experience when they tap into true wellbeing translates into better performance.
  • Operate with greater clarity and calm presence. When a leader’s inner world is at ease, the ups and downs of the outer world are less likely to rattle them.
  • Foster a thriving work culture. Thriving leaders set the tone for people to work together with generativity and trust, rather than reactivity and fear.
  • Uplevel thriving in relationships and teams. Too much or too little stress erodes performance. Leaders who value thriving help people align their potential with an inspired purpose to create the extraordinary.
  • Cultivate wisdom. Leaders who thrive are an invitation for everyone they touch to bring forward wiser decisions fueled by wellbeing.
How does the program work?
After you register, the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification program happens in three steps:
  1. Assessment + Debrief + Learning Assignment: You complete the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment and receive an 11-page feedback report of your personal assessment results. Then you participate in a confidential, 60-minute conversation with a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guide to debrief your feedback report for insights about thriving for you. You also complete an in-depth learning assignment and receive a Care Package of useful and fun resources that help you prepare for the remote workshop.
  2. The Remote Workshop: You attend the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification 5-day training with a cohort of your peers. Each day from 8am-Noon MST, you dive into the theory and background of Be Well Lead Well Pulse® and engage in hands-on experiential learning and real-time feedback to successfully administer the assessment within one-to-one leadership development situations. Each day, you also complete self-directed learning modules that reinforce what you learned with your cohort that day. If you have access to a computer (with video and audio features), you will be able to participate.
  3. Certification: You receive your certificate after fully completing all of the training. As a Be Well Lead Well Pulse®-Certified Guide, you then gain access to a host of resources to support your leadership development practice:
    • 1 free use of the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment with a leader of your choice.
    • The latest Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Technical document outlining the research behind the assessment tool.
    • Our secure, web-portal for purchasing and administering the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment with your clients.
    • A customizable presentation and brochure for sharing Be Well Lead Well Pulse® with your clients.
    • The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified-Guide logo to distinctively position yourself.
    • A Certified-Guide community platform, regularly populated with the latest research, articles, and tools about thriving and leadership.
    • Special offers, articles and toolkits, research, webinars and trainings, and other Be Well Lead Well Pulse® resources not available to non-certified users.
Do I receive professional development credits for this program?
The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® program is accredited through the International Coach Federation for Continuing Coach Education (CCE). Practitioners who complete the certification program in its entirety receive 21.75 CCE units (11 in Core Competencies and 10.75 in Resource Development).
What is the price of the program? What does the price include?
The price of Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification is $2,900 (you can register here). This includes all materials and support required for completing the certification program during the training and a wealth of resources to support your one-to-one leadership development practice. Plus, as part of the Be Well Lead Well® engine to amplify conscious leadership globally, 1% of your program price will go directly to Capital Sisters International, a unique non-profit that supports microloans exclusively to enterprising women in developing nations who are denied access to traditional financial services.  Read more about how we amplify your impact here.
How do I register for the program?
Interested in getting certified in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system? Register here. After you register and pay for the program, your seat in the program will be reserved. We are excited for you to join us!
How do I pay for the program?
The full amount of $2,900 is required to register for the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program. To secure your spot in an upcoming program or find out about the early-bird discount for the upcoming program, register here. Contact us if you have any questions.
What is the cancellation policy?
Number of Days Before Program Start Date Substitutions Allowed Cancellation Fee
More than 30 days Yes, at no additional fee None
15-30 days Yes, at no additional fee 50% of Tuition
Less than 15 days No 100% of Tuition
If you are unable to finish the program once it has begun, you do not receive your money back. However, we will work with you to find future Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Programs for concluding your certification.

It’s essential for you as leader to bring your best self forward each day. Be Well Lead Well Pulse® will help you raise your standard of thriving. Your organization, colleagues, and most importantly, your employees will mirror your energy and self-care efforts. They will rise to the bar of vitality you’ve set.

Tammy Green, MPHChief Executive Officer, Healthcare Industry

Be Well Lead Well Pulse® will help you lead yourself and your teams into a new paradigm of leadership and vitality. This will transform how you view your own potential—in your health and career.

Richard Kim, M.D.Associate Medical Director, Global Investment Banking Industry

Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is not your standard executive health or leadership development assessment. Instead, it takes the best of science—physical, intellectual and emotional—and offers true, transformational change from the inside out.

Mia KyricosSenior Executive, Hospitality Industry

We all have an opportunity to build on our strengths and forge a new definition of leadership. Leadership that is powerful because it enhances the wellbeing of everyone it touches.

Dianne CulhaneExecutive-In-Residence, Higher Education

The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment has the unique combination of the science of wellbeing and direction for how to integrate into who we are as leaders. This is not just about good health but creating a healthy and thriving organization to win in the market.

Bill TompkinsSenior Retail Executive

“The time for putting wellbeing into practice is now. Wisdom Works helped me unpack the depth of science behind wellbeing to uncover new ways of leading a wellbeing culture for our company, inside and out.”

Dondeena BradleyGlobal Vice President, Nutrition & Wellbeing, Barilla

Amplify Your Impact

Multiply your wellbeing leadership impact. One percent of your program payment is invested in social impact initiatives to empower unfunded, impoverished women entrepreneurs worldwide.