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Effectively leading through paradox is a must in our contradictory & complex world.

What does wellbeing have to do with it?

Leaders today guide their organizations through an unprecedented degree of uncertainty, complexity, and change in our globally connected world. This inevitably means leading in environments full of contradictory demands, or paradoxes, where solutions are never clear or simple.

In this Be Well Lead Well® Research Insights report, Effectively Leading Through Paradox, we share the pivotal role a leader’s wellbeing plays in helping them navigate paradoxes with both/and thinking, an orientation which recognizes that conflicting perspectives are an impetus for innovation, learning, and growth.

View and download the report here.

“At Wisdom Works, we believe developing leaders who thrive in mind, body, and spirit equips them to approach paradoxes with resourcefulness and wisdom. When we learn to interact with our world using both/and thinking, we are better able to cope with stress, flourish in the face of complexities and constant change, and evolve our individual and collective wellbeing.”
– Renee Moorefield, CEO of Wisdom Works and Director of Be Well Lead Well®.