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Evolving Self, Team, and Brand through the Art & Science of Wellbeing

A Transformational Wellbeing Journey for Barilla’s Mulino Bianco:
Evolving Self, Team, and Brand through the Art & Science of Wellbeing

What are the key factors that allow all of us to facilitate personal wellbeing?  What would enable our organizations to thrive in the midst of the chronic stress of the pandemic and beyond?  How could our brands help the world build its capability to thrive?

Executives from the Barilla Group and Wisdom Works Groups shared how Mulino Bianco utilized Be Well Lead Well Pulse® to evolve their brand through the art and science of wellbeing. Their unique journey enhanced the wellbeing and effectiveness of the individuals and their team, as well as expanded the possibilities for their brand’s value proposition to impact the wellbeing of its consumers.

Watch the Consumer Goods Forum webinar here.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understanding the dimensions of wellbeing to grow individually.
  2. Utilize wellbeing principles and practices to build a cohesive team.
  3. Create a wellbeing manifesto for your brand with Be Well Lead Well Pulse®.


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