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When the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment is used to measure how well leaders and teams are THRIVING, they are invited to examine how internally well-resourced they are to meet their demands and evolve with a sense of mastery, high quality of life, and growth.

Why thriving? Because thriving is a dynamic and renewable capacity which exists within every human being—plus, it’s a pragmatic skill you and your team can develop to elevate effectiveness. Start by experimenting with this practice.

Tap Into Your Stories of Thriving

Write down three stories of high thriving from your past. For instance, draw a story in your childhood, early adulthood, and a recent time. Include as much detail as you can—make note of the sights, sounds, smells, sensations, and any other aspects that bring these stories to life. Then, answer these questions:

  • Why was this a time of thriving for me?
  • What qualities or patterns do I notice across these three stories?
  • What effect did tapping into these stories have on my body, mind, and emotions?

We each have a place of thriving inside us, yet we often deviate from it. The simple act of recalling your stories of thriving can have beneficial effects on your physiological and psychological wellbeing—plus, it helps you tap into a wellspring of vitality that exists within you.

Take this practice up a notch by inviting team members at your next work meeting to share their stories of thriving, too. This can be a positive force for building healthy, productive, and supportive relationships.


The Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system includes a collection of close to 100 macro- and micro-practices for enriching your capacity to thrive and amplifying thriving for others. Contact us to work with a Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certified practitioner in your world region, and learn more about our programs for getting certified to use Be Well Lead Well Pulse® wherever you lead.