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→ How does doing so benefit teams, organizations, brands, and the customers?
→ How does all of this benefit the world? 

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Four Practices to Amplify Thriving for Your Team and Community

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Effective leaders, like you, are inspired by a strategic question: How can we produce results in ways that elevate the capacity of employees, consumers, partners, and communities to evolve and thrive? That’s a tall order! And it’s at the heart of a people-centered leadership strategy we call THRIVING AMPLIFIED. Amplifying Thriving Begins With A Belief: We Are Inextricably Connected Nothing happens by or through one person alone. As leaders, we must learn how to lead with a deep understanding that mindsets, emotions, and actions are contagious; they touch lives well beyond our inner circle. For thousands of years, many worldviews have instructed us on the profound truth: Everything is connected. In the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® leadership assessment, THRIVING AMPLIFIED is about bringing forth more of your leadership potential to empower thriving within others. This is evaluated using three psychometric scales: Energizing Others—the extent to which people are invigorated and energized through interacting with you. Maximizing Others—the extent to which people gain clarity, effectiveness, meaningful impact, and growth through interacting with you. Cultivating Care in Others—the extent to which people are more apt to express prosocial behaviors (i.e., gratitude, kindness, and collaboration) through interacting with you. We find that…

Uniting ACCOMPLISHMENT with Mental Wellness

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Be Well Lead Well® is committed to advancing the consciousness and capabilities for more inclusive, well, and wiser leadership. In support of these efforts, Be Well Lead Well® Director and Wisdom Works CEO, Renee Moorefield curates monthly content and resources for The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute. The goal: to bring together global wellness enthusiasts, from scientists and educators to health experts and business leaders, to eradicate preventable disease worldwide. Each month, Renee explores wellbeing leadership through the themes of The Wellness Moonshot Calendar. Below is an excerpt from September’s Theme: ACCOMPLISH   September 2022 | ACCOMPLISH The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease initiative is a gigantic undertaking. So, I decided to get a new perspective about it from someone who is accustomed to accomplishing big feats—and I found the perfect person in Dartanyon Crockett. Dartanyon is a competitive Judo athlete. He was born with Leber’s disease, a genetic condition causing vision loss, and as a child, he endured a life of extreme poverty along with the substance abuse by members of his family. Early on, wrestling and blind judo became mental and physical outlets for him, as…

Finding Greater Wisdom Through Wellbeing

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Leaders are just now starting to embrace the pivotal role wellbeing can play in helping people navigate life and work more wisely. When we prioritize individual and collective wellbeing, we are naturally developing people to solve problems with purpose-driven, creative, both/and thinking, plus use their personal, interpersonal, and existential challenges to grow new degrees of discernment and resourcefulness. Well before we are pushed beyond our limits, it is an act of wisdom to prioritize and amplify wellbeing. Leading Wisely Builds on our Innate Capacity to Thrive From Aristotle’s perspective, a fruitful and thriving life (what the Greeks called eudaimonia) is marked by making wisdom practical. This involves developing psychological maturity as a leader and turning that maturity into the mindsets and behaviors that extend beyond the welfare of your organization to the communities it touches and the larger natural and social world. That’s why wisdom is part of our science-based assessment and framework of thriving, Be Well Lead Well Pulse®. As one of the six essential shifts for effective wellbeing leadership, the WISDOM dimension is about tapping into a worthwhile purpose, higher vision, and innate genius for guiding yourself and others toward inspired impact. It is measured using three psychometric…

It is an act of wisdom to prioritize and amplify wellbeing. 

WISDOM within Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is about tapping into a worthwhile purpose, higher vision, and innate genius for guiding yourself and others toward inspired impact. 

How do you put it into action? 

When you coach, mentor, parent, or do any endeavor with others, act from this powerful belief: Human beings aren’t problems to be fixed. Everyone (no exceptions) holds vast potential for growth, effectiveness, ingenuity, and wellbeing. How does this assumption transform how you live and lead? It can be humbling and freeing to realize that every person has a depth of experiences, potential, and wisdom you know nothing about. 

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Recent research shows: leaders globally are struggling with their personal wellbeing and advancing wellbeing in their teams and organizations. Yet, we know creating work environments where people can flourish and bring their best requires leaders who lead and live wellbeing.

Wisdom Works has launched a research study to find out: As leaders across the global wellness economy, are we thriving? Are we advancing wellbeing through how we lead? 

Be part of this groundbreaking research via the link in our profile. 

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Mark your calendars! On September 15th, we're hosting a LIVE webinar to explore "Leading WELL in an Overstimulated World"

Join us for an honest conversation on how leaders can elevate the #wellbeing and #resilience of the people they lead (as well as themselves) with Jen Fisher (Chief Wellbeing Officer at @Deloitte), Jessica Grossmeier (Researcher and Author of Reimagining Workplace Well-being), Jacqueline McMenamin (Global Organisational Effectiveness Leader at @Roche), Renee Moorefield (CEO of @wisdomworksgroup and Executive Director of Be Well Lead Well®), and Dr. Brunilda Nazario (Chief Physician Editor and Chief of Medical Affairs at @WebMD).

Register today via the link in our profile. We look forward to seeing you there!
We are delighted to share that we are now partnering with @Humanitix - the world’s first humane ticketing platform - to expand our efforts for using our business as an engine to advance #wellbeing. 

This new relationship builds on the commitment our parent company, Wisdom Works made since its inception in 1999 to operate as a business engine for #wellbeingleadership globally. Customers who register for our events, such as the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program which grows wellbeing leaders globally, will now meaningfully contribute to the development of children through this partnership. Humanitix cofounders, Adam McCurdie and Joshua Ross say, “We are excited to help Wisdom Works turn their gatherings into funding a brighter future for disadvantaged kids around the world.” 

Read the press release via the 'Latest Resources' link in our profile.
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If you’re curious about ways to boost your effectiveness and impact, put WONDER at the top of your list! 

When our team at Wisdom Works measured six dimensions of wellbeing-driven leadership with over 2,000 leaders globally, we found leaders scoring high in WONDER were also more likely to lead from: 
*an inspiring vision, purpose, and values to guide their decisions;
*greater resilience during stressful times;
*the use of proactive FUEL behaviors, such as eating, moving, resting, and breathing, to constructively manage their energy and stress; 
*and a deep motivation to energize and maximize the talents of people and teams. 

WONDER is clearly among the essential capabilities for building and leading thriving workplaces. Discover 4 practices for cultivating #Wonder in our latest updates via the link in our profile. 
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