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READY Yourself for a New Kind of Leadership

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Be Well Lead Well® is committed to advancing the consciousness and capabilities for more inclusive, well, and wiser leadership. In support of these efforts, Be Well Lead Well® Director and Wisdom Works CEO, Renee Moorefield curates monthly content and resources for The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute. The goal: to bring together global wellness enthusiasts, from scientists and educators to health experts and business leaders, to eradicate preventable disease worldwide. Each month, Renee explores wellbeing leadership through the themes of The Wellness Moonshot Calendar. Below is an excerpt from June’s theme: READY. June 2022 | READY As leaders of The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, we are up to a bold challenge together. We’re guiding something that has never been done before—a moonshot that requires us to step into leading new wellness possibilities. How can we personally ready ourselves for this kind of leadership? This question was at the heart of my conversation with Christina Yap, leader of two Global Wellness Institute initiatives, writer published by the United Nations and Thrive Global and international speaker. Christina is a senior human resources professional at the global technology company ABB. FROM DISEASE…

How to Thrive: A 24-Hour Timeline

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Transforming the Latest Science of Wellbeing into Daily Habits Every cell in our body has a 24-hour timer regulating our sleep-wake phases, gene expression, and body processes. Overriding this circadian rhythm links to diminished physical and mental performance, as well as greater reactivity, depression, seasonal affective disorder, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. Use this 24-hour timeline to align with your internal circadian clock and integrate the science of thriving into your everyday life-work habits.

Leading Wellbeing by Tapping into Flow

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How do you drive positive outcomes at work at the same time the work inspires people to grow and thrive? In Be Well Lead Well Pulse® part of the answer is captured in a dimension we call FLOW. FLOW is a common human experience regardless of gender, geography, age, or industry. It is about being in the zone, those times when you bring your full presence to life and work. You feel the effortlessness of FLOW through a hobby, sport, music, gardening, or any other activity (even washing dishes!) in which your concentration—and your whole being—is totally absorbed. In these moments, your “self” disappears. (So do outer distractions and inner obstacles that often get in your way.) Your senses are heightened. Time distorts, speeding up or slowing down. As you fully engage in the activity, you are intrinsically rewarded with energy, enjoyment, deep connection, and a rich experience of how life unfolds with ease. At Wisdom Works, we believe work is a prime opportunity for people to find FLOW. When this happens, work becomes not only an avenue for being productive and accomplishing results, but also for elevating the wellbeing and growth of individuals, teams, and organizations. The FLOW dimension…

How do you drive positive outcomes at work at the same time the work inspires people to grow and thrive? 

In Be Well Lead Well Pulse® part of the answer is captured in a dimension we call FLOW.  We define FLOW as being in the zone - bringing your full engagement and presence to your life and work. FLOW entails working with, instead of against, the innate human rhythms that can empower you and your team to thrive.

One way to get into FLOW is to respect your circadian time by viewing 10-30 minutes of bright light or sunlight first thing in the morning and limiting light toward the end of the day; engaging in physical activity throughout your schedule; and taking in healthy FUEL, such as good nutrition and hydration, at regular time windows. 

Check out the 24-hour timeline via the link in our profile for more ways of integrating the science of thriving into your everyday life-work habits.
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Latest Be Well Lead Well® Case Study shows 81% of school leaders who prioritized their #wellbeing are likely to remain in their roles, at a time when high turnover among principals is eroding campus morale and student outcomes across the US. 

School leaders participating in the Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC) also demonstrated growth in several leadership abilities, including increases in overall confidence, ability to think innovatively when problem solving, willingness to take risks and try new things, and ability to advocate for the support they need. 

PIC Founder Alejandra Barbosa said, “We know an investment in leader wellbeing is a compounding investment in the social-emotional health of teachers and students. This is particularly true today, as pandemic-era stress, burnout, and depressive symptoms among teachers are significantly more likely to occur when they do not feel their wellbeing is supported by their administration.”

Check the link in our bio to download your copy of our latest Case Study. 

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Cultures around the world have long known that eating well, getting plenty of physical activity throughout the day, enjoying high quality sleep, and breathing mindfully contribute to physiological and psychological vitality. Wise leaders have a personalized FUEL strategy that’s part of their daily routine, and they coach their teams to do the same.

Here are 4 innovative, zero-cost #FUEL practices to test for yourself:
1. EATING FOR FUEL: Use your gut to regulate your emotions. Gut microbiome diversity is linked to important personal leadership qualities, such as an openness and enjoyment of trying new things, emotional regulation, and higher levels of wisdom, compassion and social support. How can EATING FOR FUEL help you better regulate your emotions?

2. MOVING FOR FUEL. Lead an inclusive walk. Walking improves cognitive, physical, and emotional vigor and mood, boosts creativity by 81-100%, breaks down barriers of hierarchy, and builds openness and trust between people. Hold your next team meeting by strolling together. 

3. RESTING FOR FUEL. Enjoy non-sleep deep rest. NSDR, such as yoga nidra or self-hypnosis, is a method of mental focus, done usually for 10-20 minutes, which you can incorporate into your day to relax, reduce reactivity and anxiety, ease pain, and gain clarity and calm. 

4. BREATHING FOR FUEL. Energize your leadership with breath. Controlled breathing, often known as yogic breath or mindful breathing, can reduce chronic pain, lessen insomnia, and positively affect your immune system; plus, it helps you regulate your emotions, diminish impulsivity, counter gene expression changes that cause stress, and keep your brain sharp. Bring a breath practice into your next meeting to support the wellbeing of your team.
While leader #wellbeing is a linchpin to employee wellbeing, new research shows healthcare leaders are struggling.

Healthcare leaders are a linchpin to the wellbeing, stress levels, and effectiveness of healthcare employees. These leaders are charged with creating an environment in which employees can do their work well—and be well at the same time. However, only 31% of healthcare leaders in the latest Be Well Lead Well® research reported high thriving - which has a direct impact on employee wellbeing and performance. 

Read more about these leaders in our latest news (link in profile).
New Be Well Lead Well® Case Study reveals personal wellbeing as an essential driver of leadership effectiveness.

As U.S. education leaders have been on the pandemic front lines dealing with mounting mental and physical health issues, significant equity gaps, and the lowest morale on record, a group of principals from North Texas showed that it is possible to boost leadership impact during this challenging time.

Discover how the leaders @picatuntd achieved beneficial outcomes for their principals and school campuses in the Be Well Lead Well® case study, "Improving Education by Developing Thriving Leaders: Lessons from The Principal Impact Collaborative."

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