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Passions you’ll find central to this newsletter:

→ How can we create the conditions for people to leave work more capable, energized, and well than when they came?
→ How does doing so benefit teams, organizations, brands, and the customers?
→ How does all of this benefit the world? 

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Step into Your Leadership Story of Thriving

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Most leaders I know want to be on the side of leading thriving for themselves and others. Yet, doing so means challenging old ideas they hold about what it means to lead and rewriting their leadership story so that wellbeing is a priority. WHAT STORY DO YOU WANT TO STEP INTO? Leading a thriving work culture isn’t only about what you say and do, although the people you work with are watching both. It’s about your perceptions of who you are—the deeper stories defining, sustaining, and propelling how you live and lead. Like everyone, your story of leadership, what some call your leadership origin story, is shaped by your experiences, upbringing, cultural worldviews, primal beliefs, biases, and other internal and social factors. This story likely evolved unconsciously over time, without you giving much attention to it. As British author James Allen once said, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” Fortunately, you possess a uniquely human capacity: The ability to become aware of how and what you think. To consciously unearth the narratives driving you and write healthier stories to guide your future. This is a superpower!  And through…

When it Comes to Wellness Leadership, Israel Stands Tall

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Be Well Lead Well® is committed to advancing the consciousness and capabilities for more inclusive, well, and wiser leadership. In support of these efforts, Be Well Lead Well® Director and Wisdom Works CEO, Renee Moorefield curates monthly content and resources for The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute. The goal: to bring together global wellness enthusiasts, from scientists and educators to health experts and business leaders, to eradicate preventable disease worldwide. Each month, Renee explores wellbeing leadership through the themes of The Wellness Moonshot Calendar. Below is an excerpt from December’s Theme: THANK   December 2022 | THANK AS WELLNESS LEADERS AROUND THE WORLD, WE THANK YOU! All of us at the Global Wellness Institute feel a wholehearted thanks for everyone who is advancing The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease. You are part of a vast network of wellness leaders across the globe—from the 17th Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona in the USA to wellness and food tech entrepreneur Victor Koo in China—guiding people, organizations, and societies to make wellness a real priority. WHEN IT COMES TO WELLNESS LEADERSHIP, ISRAEL STANDS TALL My recent conversation with Israel native Amir Alroy gave me tremendous optimism…

How to Create Thriving Leaders and Organizations

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Imagine if we could create a world in which people left work more energized and well than when they arrived. At Wisdom Works, we believe this is not only possible, but that empowering others and ourselves to thrive is the true meaning of effective leadership. Yet, we all know it isn’t simple. As leaders, the challenges we face are complex and getting more so every day. It can feel overwhelming, stressful, confusing to determine how to make thriving a reality in today’s workplaces. Here are six resources to help you explore thriving within your own workplace or community. Participate in our upcoming training to integrate wellbeing into how you lead. As organizations become more agile and human centered, placing wellbeing at the center of leadership is critical, beginning with yourself. Discover how your personal wellbeing journey is connected to your effectiveness as a leader within our leadership development program. You’ll also receive practical tools to measure and support your wellbeing and those you lead. Registration is now open for the 2023 Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Programs. Learn from leaders who are advancing wellbeing at work. Wisdom Works was delighted to host the webinar, Leading WELL in an Overstimulated…

🙌 Is the workplace somewhere you can be real? How can you support your team in prioritizing their #wellbeing? 

Jessica Grossmeier was part of our panel of #workplacewellbeing leaders who discussed this and more during the "Leading WELL in an Overstimulated World" webinar. Check the link in our profile for the recording. 

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Discover a deeper understanding of your own wellbeing and leadership in the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program. 

This wellbeing leadership program is for those who...
> seek ways to thrive in today’s complex landscape
> desire to bring a holistic approach to how they lead
> are rethinking the future of work—and how work can uplift human potential and wellbeing
> aspire to enhance their own wellbeing, plus the wellbeing of relationships and teams
> desire to build work cultures that leave people more energized and well then when they arrived
> see thriving as an emerging leadership imperative

Register today for a 2023 program via the link in our bio.

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The WISDOM dimension of Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is about tapping into a worthwhile purpose, higher vision, and innate genius for guiding yourself and others toward inspired impact. 

We are responsible for the wellbeing of people, including ourselves, and the future of humanity and planet Earth—a responsibility we can carry together, not alone. On the path of wellbeing leadership, #wisdom is not only indispensable; it is an area of immense potential and growth.

#BeWellLeadWell #Thriving #WellbeingLeadership #ConsciousLeadership #ReadytoThrive #wellbeing #workplacewellbeing #employeengagement #innovation #growth #learning #leadershipdevelopment
Research shows that high #thriving is linked to:
> Employee attraction & retention
> Prosocial mindsets and behaviors
> Cognitive agility & performance
> Adaptability and learning
> Vibrant work cultures
> Customer loyalty
> Greater responsibility for People and Planet

Simply put, thriving is essential for creating healthy, sustainable and adaptable organizations. 

Register today for the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Certification Program to gain the tools and resources you need to activate and amplify thriving leadership in your organization or community.

#BeWellLeadWell #WellbeingLeadership #ConsciousLeadership #ReadytoThrive #wellbeing #workplacewellbeing #employeengagement #innovation #growth #learning #leadershipdevelopment
At Wisdom Works, we believe this is not only possible, but that empowering others and ourselves to thrive is the true meaning of effective leadership. 

Yet, we all know it isn’t simple. As leaders, the challenges we face are complex and getting more so every day. It can feel overwhelming, stressful, confusing to determine how to make thriving a reality in today’s workplaces. We’ve spent the past three decades answering this question by working with global organizations to integrate the science and practices of wellbeing into organization cultures and the ways people work together. 

We shared six resources for creating thriving leaders and organizations in our latest newsletter > subscribe via the link in our profile to get them in your inbox! 

#BeWellLeadWell #Thriving #WellbeingLeadership #ConsciousLeadership #ReadytoThrive #wellbeing #workplacewellbeing #employeengagement #innovation #growth #learning #leadershipdevelopment