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Pioneering Study of Leaders Across Health & Wellbeing Industries Reveals Unique Opportunity

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New research by Wisdom Works Group shows prioritizing leader wellbeing is critical for increasing industry & societal impact. Wisdom Works Group releases pioneering report of leadership across the health and wellbeing industries, Leading in the Health and Wellbeing Industry 2023: Are we walking our talk? that reveals a unique opportunity for these leaders to enhance wellbeing for themselves and the people and organizations they serve. The report findings are a clarion call for the health and wellbeing industry to make thriving a standard of success for leadership and industry impact. The first study of its kind, Wisdom Works sought to determine: As leaders of health and wellbeing industries, are we thriving personally? Are we advancing wellbeing through how we lead? Wellbeing has become a driver of brand performance, workforce engagement, and social and environmental change—and is one of the central challenges and opportunities of leadership today. The wellbeing leadership agenda is even more crucial for organizations in the health and wellbeing industry because it is an industry that the rest of the world looks to for health and wellbeing solutions and advice. Leading in the Health & Wellbeing Industry 2023 represents a survey of 841 leaders spanning 71 countries across every…

Well Being Leads to Well Doing

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In coaching and advising leaders from all walks of life, I meet a lot of hard-working, responsible leaders of all ages who are successful by all outward appearances. In truth, however, many of them are exhausted, burning out in every direction. Their relationships with significant others are strained. They’ve lost connection with children, neighbors, family members, and friends. They lack interests or hobbies outside of work. They no longer seem to really know themselves. They’ve often been in a rhythm of living and working so fast for so long that they’ve forgotten why. A frenetic pace has become their norm, and the sense of purpose that used to help them rise above the fray has withered. One of these leaders told me, “I feel spiritually dry.” That said it all. These leaders usually have access to many external resources—material, financial, knowledge, and otherwise—for achieving results. Yet, when it comes to their sense of being resourced internally, they’re depleted. ARE YOU FEELING THE BIG SQUEEZE? Over the course of my life, I’ve been one of these leaders. I have been identified so deeply by my job that I’ve let it override decisions about my wellbeing. A major personal crisis in my…

Step into Your Leadership Story of Thriving

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Most leaders I know want to be on the side of leading thriving for themselves and others. Yet, doing so means challenging old ideas they hold about what it means to lead and rewriting their leadership story so that wellbeing is a priority. WHAT STORY DO YOU WANT TO STEP INTO? Leading a thriving work culture isn’t only about what you say and do, although the people you work with are watching both. It’s about your perceptions of who you are—the deeper stories defining, sustaining, and propelling how you live and lead. Like everyone, your story of leadership, what some call your leadership origin story, is shaped by your experiences, upbringing, cultural worldviews, primal beliefs, biases, and other internal and social factors. This story likely evolved unconsciously over time, without you giving much attention to it. As British author James Allen once said, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” Fortunately, you possess a uniquely human capacity: The ability to become aware of how and what you think. To consciously unearth the narratives driving you and write healthier stories to guide your future. This is a superpower!  And through…

Across the health and wellbeing industry, our study showed that these leaders generally reported greater wellbeing leadership over their life span.

In addition, reports of higher stress related to Family factors (i.e., Children) and the Job peaked in mid-life, then dipped with age. 

Access the full report via the link in our profile. #BeWellLeadWell #wellbeing #lifespan #wellbeingleadership #wisdom #growth #stressmanagement #globalwellnesseconomy #healthcare #education #leadershipdevelopment #executivecoaching #newleadership #thriving
YES! 🙌 
Join leaders like Monika in learning our unique framework of #thriving that brings together key factors for facilitating personal #wellbeing and leadership #transformation. Our next training takes place online in October—see the link in our profile for full details. 

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Our latest #leadership study shows #mindfulness is an area of reported strength by leaders in the health and wellbeing industry. 

These leaders also indicated a high degree of Job Autonomy in making decisions at work. Suggesting that, should these leaders choose to prioritize #wellbeing, they have the self-awareness and ability to do so within their job scope—with likely positive ripple effects for people and tasks. 

Access the study findings via the link in our profile. #BeWellLeadWell #leadershipdevelopment #jobautonomy #wellbeingleadership #growth #learning #stressmanagement #energymanagement #thriving
and amplifies wellbeing in the lives of others. 

#BeWellLeadWell #Thriving #WellbeingLeadership #ConsciousLeadership #ReadytoThrive #wellbeing #workplacewellbeing #employeengagement #innovation #growth #learning #leadershipdevelopment #newleadership
Findings from "Leading in the Health & Wellbeing Industry 2023" reveal that leaders across the industry can increase their ability to face growing leadership complexities and demands by strengthening their inner wellbeing. Plus, these leaders can proactively reinforce #thriving work cultures. 

Since this industry is the custodian for the #health and #wellbeing of people and societies globally, we believe a strategic focus on wellbeing-driven #leadership is not optional for the industry’s business and social outcomes. 

Access the full report via the link in our profile. #newstudy #wellbeingleadership #culture #workplaceculture #wellbeingatwork #healthandwellbeing #globalwellnesseconomy #healthcare #humanpotential #development #education #readytothrive