Renee Moorefield | PhD, MCC

CEO of Wisdom Works

Renee is CEO of Wisdom Works, a firm dedicated to building thriving leaders and organizations worldwide. She has worked with enterprises as diverse as The Coca-Cola Company, Nike, Booz Allen Hamilton, Centura Health Systems, and Merck & Company to advance cultures of wellbeing and effective leadership. She strategically advises senior and emerging executives in using an untapped asset—the transformative power of human thriving—to boost performance, engagement, and fulfillment at work, at home, and everywhere they lead.

Renee’s 2004 book Driven by Wellth explores how contemporary leaders infuse wealth with wellbeing, and her regular blog Wellbeing + Strategy offers inspiring advice on leadership vitality. Renee is also published in peer reviewed journals and well-known media such as Huffington Post, Experience Life, and Coaching World.

To advance conscious leadership across employers and countries globally, Renee leads the Wellness at Work and Wellness & Government initiatives for the Global Wellness Institute. She is an international speaker, a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, ontological coach, and Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Plus, she draws on a deep expertise in human transformation through spirituality, somatics, yoga, energy medicine, exercise physiology, and mindfulness to help leaders lead with less reactivity, and greater purpose, authenticity, and wisdom.